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  Feeling tired? Under too much stress? Well, you may want to try Yoga(瑜珈). It’s what more and more people have been turning to to release the trouble of modern life. Practically unheard of in the West until 50 years ago, Yoga has become one of the most popular health trends(潮流) around the world, including China. If you search for Yoga on line in Chinese, lots of pages are there to see, most of which are main pages of Yoga clubs. In order to keep fit and lose weight, many girls spend more than l,000 yuan taking part in Yoga classes every month.

  However, are you really ready for it? There are several things you need to know before you really take it.

  First, do not force your body too much. Yoga has many difficult poses. They are beautiful and worth boasting if you could finish them. But if you force yourself to do as exactly as an experienced Yoga teacher does, you may hurt your body, instead of strengthening it. Do you remember your original purpose for playing Yoga? It is self-building, not competing.

  Second, do some research about the Yoga class that you are to attend. Yoga is new in China and there are not so many well-trained Yoga teachers. Some not well organized clubs just employ someone who has learned a little Yoga. Be aware, a non-eligible teacher might wrongly guide you and you could not benefit from the classes much except that they force you to exercise your body

  a bit. Considering about the large amount of money you invest in it, it’s worth and reasonable to make sure the teachers in the club are qualified(合格的) before you join.

  Third, it would be better to learn something about nutrition(营养) when you practise Yoga. In the very beginning, Yoga was part of the Vedas, bible of the traditional Indian philosophy. So it could be regarded as a kind of lifestyle. When you have decided to care for your body, why not feed it properly? In fact, good clubs have their own nutritionists.

  Anyhow, make sure you are ready before you act. The fashion may change quickly. But what benefits is still good for us.

  9. What is the main idea of this passage?

  A. Playing Yoga is a good way to keep fit and lose weight.

  B. It is not wise to follow the fashion of playing Yoga.

  C. People should know about Yoga before attending Yoga classes.

  D. Yoga is getting more and more popular in China nowadays.

  10. The underlined word “eligible” in the fourth paragraph most probably means ______.

  A. talented B. warm-hearted C. respected D. qualified

  11. Which of the following is NOT the author’s advice?

  A. Remember Yoga is a competing sport.

  B. Find a real well-trained Yoga teacher.

  C. Gain some knowledge about nutrition.

  D. Don’t force yourself to practise Yoga best.

  12. From the passage we can infer that ______.

  A. Yoga has nothing to do with people’s life

  B. it is better to be cautious about choosing a Yoga club

  C. Yoga is actually very easy to play

  D. most people play Yoga just to reduce work stress




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